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Our Mission

The mission of Boxwood Flower Farm is to provide local, sustainable, and beautiful cut flowers and floristry services to the community of Greater Victoria, BC 


Boxwood Flower Farm started as an idea in 2015, shortly after we had our first son. Our little family was living in North Vancouver at the time, and looking for a way for to stay home with our son, while still working a meaningful job.  A lover of all things flowers and creativity, I set to work in educating myself and planning out our farm. 

After a job change for my husband and a long standing desire to raise our kids on the island, we eventually found our little plot of land close to the city of Victoria, BC. We instantly set to work on creating the farm. The more I grew and created with flowers, the more the passion grew. Boxwood Flower Farm now sends out thousands of flowers a season from our tiny plot, and has done multiple weddings and events in and around Victoria. 

Each year the farm gets a little bigger and so do the children. I love creating with the flowers from our farm and spreading joy one flower at a time

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